Of Goggas & KolKol

A few weeks ago I bought the newish DJI Mavic Pro. It is hands down the best piece of tech I’ve played with (at least since my first iPhone ±10 yrs ago) and I plan on doing an in-depth review of it soon.

On a recent trip to the KolKol cabins, my goddaughter christened the Mavic, ‘Gogga’, which is a South African slang term for ‘bug’ / ‘insect’ and is derived from the Khoikhoi word ‘xo-xon’. Non-South Africans will struggle to pronounce it, but this is how it sounds:


It was the first real expedition for the drone and, although the wind was too strong for most of the trip, I managed to put this together:

I’m learning so much about flying the drone, filming and editing! Mostly, I’m learning how long editing can take! I’m sure I’d save a lot of time editing by putting together a shot list beforehand and getting better at flying and filming.