Of Goggas & KolKol

A few weeks ago I bought the newish DJI Mavic Pro. It is hands down the best piece of tech I’ve played with (at least since my first iPhone ±10 yrs ago) and I plan on doing an in-depth review of it soon.

On a recent trip to the KolKol cabins, my goddaughter christened the Mavic, ‘Gogga’, which is a South African slang term for ‘bug’ / ‘insect’ and is derived from the Khoikhoi word ‘xo-xon’. Non-South Africans will struggle to pronounce it, but this is how it sounds:


It was the first real expedition for the drone and, although the wind was too strong for most of the trip, I managed to put this together:

I’m learning so much about flying the drone, filming and editing! Mostly, I’m learning how long editing can take! I’m sure I’d save a lot of time editing by putting together a shot list beforehand and getting better at flying and filming.

Passengers (2016) – Review

Last night, 2 friends and I unanimously decided to watch Passengers after watching the trailer:


Quite possibly the most disappointing movie experience I’ve ever had. The only thing more stranded than the couple on the Avalon is the unrescuable storyline. It starts as an incredibly slow romcom and ends with a bunch of action/thriller sequences whose only purpose was to cut a trailer.

I don’t have beef with the actors but will consciously avoid anything from John Spaiht (writer), who was responsible for an all too familiarly awesome trailer and terrible movie experience in Prometheus (2012)!

If you have to see it wait for it to come out on Netflix!

Cape Town’s Burning!

The Mother City has had a rough week. Two huge fires, fanned by gale-force winds, have wrecked havoc to the slopes surrounding Cape Town’s city bowl.


Last night, a fire swept through one of my favourite walking / trail-running / MTB’ing spots, Deer Park. The folk who volunteer to fight the fires all night are real life heroes!